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Frequently Asked Questions

We meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the 1912 Center. Please come join the conversation.

We are excited for your interest! Community members can come listen to the discussion if they want, meet the committee, and learn what is going on and where you might fit in. If you desire to be part of the committee, every two years elections in the primaries, precinct committeemen and women and other offices are elected. At the first meeting after the primaries other offices are filled, as well as the elections of delegates for the state convention. For more information contact your precinct committeeman here: Leadership

For those ages 18 to 40, joining the Idaho Young Republicans is a great way to become involved with like minded people. This is a state wide group who focuses on building the next generation of Republicans. Go to for more information and to sign up. 

Republicans believe in founding principles. We believe that our nation strength comes form God and our reliance on Him. We believe that America is an exceptional country and our Constitution is an inspired document. We believe in equal rights, justice, and opportunity, inalienable rights, state and citizen sovereignty,  fiscal responsibility, and limited government. We strive to put these principles and beliefs into actions as we work with government and people for the best solutions. We offer a place where principles become actions. 

Idaho has a closed primary. In order to vote you need to be a registered Republican. Registration can be done the day of at the your poll location. Being registered also allows you the option to hold an office in the party, better influence local and state politics with other like minded people, and so much more.  

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