Brandon Mitchell

Candidate for State Representative Legislative District 6 B

I grew up on a small farm in Syracuse Utah, where I learned about faith, family and hard work. I was raised with Christian values; following the example of Jesus Christ has ingrained in me the principles of integrity, honesty, and a love for others.

After marrying my High School sweetheart, we embarked on raising a family. My wife and I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren which we adore. We have a strong family bond that will pull us through anything. Understanding the importance of life, my wife and I focused on caring for those in abusive situations by becoming foster parents. We were trained as a therapeutic home and took care of several severely traumatized children. It was a heart wrenching experience.

While navigating my way through college at Weber State University I worked full time to care for my family. Eventually, I was promoted into leadership positions where I continued to grow within Jiffy Lube International. While moving my way up in the company, I was often relocated to refresh and revitalize stagnant facilities. In 2016 I returned to Brigham Young University – Idaho to finish my degree.

Management training, cost controls and profitability were my key responsibilities. I eventually found myself overseeing 10 locations.  In 2012, I was given an opportunity to purchase two locations,  Moscow, ID and Pullman, WA. After much prayer and consideration, my wife and I decided to make an offer and we moved to Moscow where we were welcomed with open arms. Since that time we have grown to 6 locations and continue to find success.

Protecting children, families and individual rights will always be a priority to me. I am a advocate for small business and their ability to run without government interference .  Often these are put to the test against each other and it is important to find the right balance.

Education is a priority that is important to myself and every parent and student in Latah County. I believe in our youth being educated for success. That means students learning critical thinking skills and mastering core education in reading, writing, history, math and the sciences. I will continue to work on educational programs that offer the youth of our county and state the opportunity to excel in life.

Being in Latah County, I know how important our agriculture and forests industries are. Our region was settled because of the rich natural resources in north central Idaho and these resources continue to be a base of our local economies. These foundational industries require continued support through research, development and economic measure that make Idaho and the region competitive in a global economy.

Election integrity:

Election integrity has been a very important issue since the 2020 election. Here in Idaho, we have a good program, but it can always be improved on. My goal is to not only fill holes that we might have, but to tighten some of the vulnerable spots in our election laws. Elections are important and Idaho must do all that they can to be the leader in election reform.

A few holes that we have found would be the ability to register same day with a simple picture ID (scuba card, high school ID etc.) and something with your address on it (amazon box, letter from Grandma, etc.). On the day of election, we do not have the time to verify each individual is legal to vote in the precinct that they are registering for. We need either more time to verify, or better levels of identification and verification of residency.

This is an issue and we need to protect our elections for those who live in the different precincts. Without strong voter laws, too many people question the outcome and that leads to more of a divide. I will continue to push for better voting laws in Idaho and seal up the holes that we might have. We can also address concerns that the county clerks are seeing at the same time. Working with the county clerks to find a solution that is both secure and efficient is important.

Property tax:

Property tax is one of the biggest concerns that we are facing as a state. With so many people moving into our state and buying property at such an inflated price, the average citizen is being driven to higher costs. This issue is actually a county issue and there is only so much that the state can do to control these costs.

I am on record of stating that the state does not collect property tax, we do not spend property tax, but we do have to supplement it. As such this is more of an issue at the local level. With all that, I have been working with a group of legislators to find a way that the state can help the individuals (especially those on fixed incomes). I believe a statewide review of property tax policy to include state, county, local and citizens is in order if we desire to reform property tax policy.

It is important that we all get actively involved in the City and County budget process, because that is where you can make the fastest change. If you City or County officials have to look you in the eye as they spend your money, they will think twice about wasting it. At the state level we can find ways to assist with controls or other ways of supplementing things. This is an area that the house is currently working on and I will continue to be an advocate for the rural communities.


As I have been in the community talking to people, education is a very important topic of discussion. The Idaho constitution is clear and we need to adhere to that. However, we need to make sure that our children are coming out of school with the knowledge that they need to be successful in life. I have been and will continue to work with the state board of education as well as our new Superintendent of instruction to get the schools back to basics. It is my belief that we need to take a pause in the education field and get back to teaching the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and history to name a few) and then look at adding classes that can actually be used in in a career and in business.

I also believe that we need to enhance exposure in the trades. Many students cannot advance to colleges or universities, but they can learn a trade. Often these trades lead to a much more lucrative career without all the debt. College is not for everyone and as such we need to be looking at trades that will help our students throughout their life. Causing more debt for a degree that will not help you find a job or make a career is just not the American way.

Responded Yes to “I have read the Idaho Constitution and the Idaho Republican Party Platform. Except for the provisions specifically noted below, I support the Idaho Republican Party Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”
No objections submitted.

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